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Coaches Code of Conduct




AGE: To be determined by Executive Board based on qualifications of applicant.

EXPERIENCE: Manager: At least one year as assistant or have qualifications from

                                                   past experience.

Assistant: Must be of good character.


1. Managers/Coaches will conduct themselves as gentlemen at all times while associated with the youth of B.A.B.A. This includes before, during, and after practices and games. Coaches will make every effort to communicate with parents or guardians to discuss rules and/or any problems that may occur.

2. Hitting, striking or any physical contact in anger against any participant of Minor, Little, Pony, or Colt League is forbidden. This rule includes Players, Officers, Officials, and other Coaches.

3. The use of profanity and alcoholic beverages is prohibited at all times when involved with Minor, Little, Pony or Colt League baseball games and practice sessions. Smoking is prohibited at games.

4. Manager/Coaches shall make every effort to promote good sportsmanship through their own example. They are forbidden to instruct any player to use unapproved tactics on the opposing team.

5. If any Manager/Coach becomes involved in any irregular incident outside this association which may cause disgrace to the association, they will be suspended until cleared.

6. Managers/Coaches shall not criticize Players unless it is done in a constructive manner.

7. There will be no discussion regarding a judgmental call made by a non-professional umpire.

8. Practices should be conducted with every regard to Player safety including length of practice sessions and weather conditions.

9. Managers/Coaches should dress in a manner of good taste.

10. Managers/Coaches will be responsible to set Players Code of Conduct.

11. Managers/Coaches have a moral obligation to participate in all activities of this organization.

12. Coaches Code of Ethics to be administered as follows:

   a. Violent acts subject to immediate dismissal.

   b. Minor infractions 1st Offense - Warning

                    2nd Offense - Suspension

                    3rd Offense - Dismissal  

   c. Severity of offenses to be determined by appropriate committee.

13. Any grievance against any Coaches or Managers must be submitted in writing and acted on within 5 days. The Committee has power only to suspend a Coach or Manager until the next General Meeting; at which time the General Membership shall make a final determination. A written conclusion will be submitted to the party involved.

14. Managers and Coaches are responsible for obtaining and turning in current background checks, child abuse clearances and FBI fingerprinting documents.

15. Managers and Coaches are responsible to return all equipment and players uniforms at end of season to the Purchasing Agent.

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